Core 4

What your employees don't know can hurt you.

When your employees suffer from financial stress, their productivity suffers too. Protect the financial health of your business by helping your employees with theirs.

The Core 4 Financial Education Program achieves measurable results by teaching your employees how to make smarter financial decisions.

Your ROI? Greater employee stability, morale, loyalty and productivity.

Providing your employees with the tools they need to manage their money can instantly improve their quality of life, but did you know it can improve the company’s bottom line as well? Studies show employees who have a good hold on their personal finances exhibit reduced absenteeism, better focus, less stress, less tardiness, better morale, and better customer service. All you need to do is allow your employees the time to attend these seminars.

Contact your business development representative or (405) 319-2180 to schedule a seminar.

The 4 Pillars of Core 4

Psychology of Money

Learn how to recognize bad financial habits and change them into productive ones.

Making the Most of Your Money

Identify goals, learn how to design realistic spending and savings plans and different options available for getting out of debt.

Being Wise About Credit

How is credit scored? What are the necessary steps for obtaining credit and using it wisely?

On the Road to Riches: Saving and Investing

Learn what tools are available for saving and investing and what combinations of investments are best suited for your individual needs.